You need a personal advice? Our team is at your disposal


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help, if you have questions about the maintenance, the correct use or the reactivation of your airbag system.
1 Contact your reseller or our customer service to solve directly your problem
2 If the problem persists, download and fill in our servicing form
3 Send back your product by following our procedure (invoice + form)
4 As soon as we receive your product, we check and we repair it within one week

Who should I contact?

To provide you with a good and quick service, please do not send back your product without contacting us.

Contact your reseller directly

He knows the Helite airbag system and can answer your questions or take care of the servicing procedure of your product.

Helite's customer service
Opening time from Monday to Friday 8.30 - 12.30 am / 1.30 - 4.30 pm excluding public holidays Phone number: + 33 (0)3 80 35 48 26 Email address : 1 rue de la Petite Fin 21121 Fontaine-les-Dijon FRANCE"

Download your servicing form

After you have contacted us, if you begin a procedure of after sales service, please download and fill in the form which corresponds to your application. We kindly ask you to send back this document in your package or by email.

When do you need to contact us?

  • If you are experiencing problems below :
  • You had a big crash or several falls in a short time or you have a doubt about the proper working of your airbag system.
  • If the textile is torn, the airbag is visible or pierced.
  • If a crack, breakage or corrosion appears on the parts of the release pin or on the cartridge.
  • If the lanyard shows signs of damage (worn out, frayed or loss of elasticity).
  • If you detect any abnormal wear of the product.

Our team will be pleased to help you, even after your purchase if you have any doubt about the correct use of your airbag. Send us back the product only if you are not sure if it is working properly or if it has been damaged.

HERE'S A TIP: you can also do an inflation test of your airbag system by yourself to check its proper functioning before sending it back.

CAUTION: Please send back the full airbag with all components (cartridge full or empty, lanyard, mechanical parts) cleaned. Please don't forget anything in the pockets. The airbag that is sent back is systematically serviced (from head to toe). If your airbag is still under warranty, please add a copy of your purchase invoice in the package. If the airbag is no longer under warranty, we will give you a free quote before starting any repair.